The Construction Company “DIAMANTOPOULOS BROS – ERGODOMIKI S.A.” was founded in 1989. The Company is the continuation of a previous scheme “Ktiriodomi – Diamantopoulos Bros” which had been active in the construction market several years before. 

Our Company maintains its Headquarters in Pyrgos Ilias, Beloussi Str. 4, where it is situated in privately owned offices. The Management of the Company is executed by Mr. P. Diamantopoulos, Managing Director.

Day-to-day business is run by experienced people, both in the technical field (engineers, foremen, etc.) as well as administrative personnel.

ERGODOMIKI SA maintains its main activity in the field of construction of private and public projects, with focus in concrete structures, where it possesses an extensive long-time experience and know-how.

The design and consulting services of concrete works is another sector of our enterprise. Our client base comprises several of the most important contractors in Greece, such as AKTOR S.A., ELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI SA, ATTIKAT SA, VIOTER SA and several others, with whom ERGODOMIKI has been collaborating very successfully in the last 20 years and has completed serious concrete projects ; some of them are among the most outstanding and prestigious in our country. (See attached summary of completed and ongoing projects)

ERGODOMIKI SA is the owner of high quality technological equipment and follows all the up-to-date technological trends, in order to enhance its infrastructure with contemporary systems and carry out its clients’ requirements with high quality as well as reliability.

Please note that a detailed list of our equipment is attached.

Our foundation is by all means our human resources. Our personnel is the main parameter of our success and the basis of our progress. Therefore, we place great emphasis in building up and maintaining long-time relationships with our people, be it employees or subcontractors, suppliers and associates of any kind.

Training of our people and keeping them up with all modern technological aspects is an essential part of our business ; organized seminars either in-house or by specialized external associates is a core part of our business life.

Last but not least, our Company is active since 2002 in the field of property development and commercial management of housing projects.

Recent projects include several housing complexes in both Athens suburbs and Pyrgos, SW Greece.