DIAMANTOPOULOS BROS – ERGODOMIKI S.A. has made in the last 10 years serious steps towards the modernization and enhancement of its site equipment, in accordance with the requirements of the most advanced construction technology.

Our Company has had a long cooperation with the German Formwork Company PERI GmbH, one of the world’s leading players in the field of metal and timber formwork, scaffolding and temporary structures.

All PERI equipment is of high production quality and know-how and ensure :

·       Reduction in construction time

·       Excellent quality and finishing of concrete surfaces

·       Geometrical precision of structural members

·       Utmost safety during erection as well as concrete works


Our assets’ value of PERI formwork equipment is second to none in Greece and amounts to an asset value of several million Euros.

Some of the systems owned by ERGODOMIKI are the following :


TRIO Panel Formwork for walls and columns

The world’s most effective wall and column panel formwork, an ideal option for high quality and perfect shape concrete surfaces. TRIO comes with unique BFD clamps ensuring tightening, alignment and verticality at the same time.

TRIO is adequate even for very tall concrete structures, such as walls of over 15-20 m height, allowing for fresh concrete pressure at least 80 kN / m2


Folding Platforms for Climbing structures FB 180-3

Modern systems of working platforms of 1,80 m width, which are anchored in concrete and thus offer a safe access and panel support surface for concreting repeated in height (climbing) ; the system comprises a variety of main, secondary and corner platforms and offers great acceleration of high-rise construction


Shoring systems for concrete slabs – GT24 and VT 20K girders

Timber girders with a truss construction, high bearing capacity, offering the possibility of concreting in-one-go large openings (office buildings, bridge slabes etc).

They enable the reduction of shoring scaffold, in the benefit of both construction costs, free space and labour time


Timber Formwork with steel stiffness members

Of comparable quality with TRIO but versatile enough to adjust to various non-regular shapes, especially bridge high piers


     Climbing Formwork for high-rise construction

Modern systems of climbing formwork for high-rise structures (especially bridges) of any height, up to more than 100 m from ground level.

Our available owned quantity of PERI formwork amounts today to more than 4.000 m2 of readily available material ; in addition to this, and due to our long-term collaboration with PERI and the formwork market in general, our Company is in position to cover at any time eventual peak needs in equipment through rental material of practically  every formwork type.       

Apart from the above equipment our wall formwork equipment is completed with specially designed wall formwork of PAFILI type, with an available quantity of more than 1.200 m2.

Naturally, steel scaffold is an essential part of our equipment. ERGODOMIKI S.A. owns a great amount of conventional scaffolding systems, comprising frames / diagonals / jacks / free tubes etc, either normal or heavy-duty type, appropriate for all shoring and working purposes. All our scaffold material is in accordance with CEN European Standards and equipped with the relevant quality certificates according to the Greek Laws (ELOT 495 and ELOT 555). Our steel scaffolds are produced by the two major scaffolding plants in Greece, PAFILI SA and BIOSSOL SA, and are able to cover more than 25.000 m2 of effective shoring area.

Last but not least, our formwork and scaffolding equipment is complimented by all forms of conventional, “traditional” timber formwork. A massive quantity of wooden boards, planks, plywood, film plywood etc s available in excellent functional condition and is continuously renewed in order to keep up with the quality requirements of our clients. Our available quality in timber (traditional) formwork exceeds 45.000 m2 and is one of the biggest of the sort in Greece.



ERGODOMIKI SA has always achieved to keep itself one step ahead of the competitive contractors’ market as regards a “total” approach of the construction process. In order to maintain a functional collaboration of all site factors and ensure the smooth co-existence of the formwork and reinforcement fronts, our Company offers fully autonomous and integral solutions. Thus, in the last years, we have developed our own, independent and fully skilled labour teams which are responsible for executing all reinforcement works (cutting, forming, on-site placement) most effectively.

To this end, we are supported by our owned equipment for cutting and on-site forming of reinforcement with

·       Electrical and hydraulic steel cutting machinery

·       Curved formation tools

·       End formation presses

·       Electrical Panels for supporting the equipment

·       Stable Working Desks for iron works

·       Crane Bridges

·       Other Hoisting Equipment


This rich infrastructure allows us to work in various alternatives when it comes with serious demanding projects. ERGODOMIKI SA   can also cope adequately with large foundation projects with sheet piles providing special welding machinery, oxygen welding, electrical generators, sheet piling reinforcement forming formwork etc.

Our Company exhibits an extensive activity in special projects, with focus in highway projects as well as tall bridges ; these areas make up a considerable part of our activity as well as our expertise.

In addition, projects as the following are also a part of our palette, and a field where special reinforcing techniques have been successfully applied :

·       Large area sheet piling

·       Composite structures with complicated reinforcement adjustment

·       Heavy-duty bridge structures, in-situ or partly precast

·       Prestressed structures

·       Arched Member structures

·       Concrete grandstands

·       Climbing structures with reinforcement up to h=15-20 m in one placement step etc.