DIAMANTOPOULOS BROS. ERGODOMIKI S.A, a Company with several years of construction experience, has since long time realized the importance of a sound infrastructure, able to support the functions of a modern site. Therefore, our Company has placed great emphasis on this issue. Apart from the basic equipment for day-to-day operations, Ergodomiki SA has enhanced its fleet with mobile units, able to support its site activities, as well as office facilities in Pyrgos and Athens. 

Following is a brief description of our facilities :

  • For the support of administration and technical personnel, the Company is in possession of easily transportable, detachable container offices, fully organized with electrical installations, furniture, air-conditioning and PC outlets
  • In order to support the site personnel, self-contained depots are at the site’s disposal ; our small warehouses are fully autonomous mobile units with all necessary tools and equipment such as electrical generators, air compressors, stell cutting machines, pumps, welding machines, concrete vibrators, oxygen sets, metal cases etc.
  • In order to ensure the safety measures of the site to the best possible extent, mobile safety units are always there ; these units comprise all the required safety tools, such as helmets, safety shoes, gloves, protective glasses, climbing tools, visibility vests, protection belts, fully comprehensive first-aid kit etc.
  • Naturally, apart from the site organization as above described, our Company has a central site depot situated within a privately owned area of more than 10.000 m2Our depot is a modern unit with covered space, office area as well as cranes and hoist units for the management, storage and maintenance of its tools and equipment.
  • Our Head Office in Pyrgos is located in privately owned premises of 180 m2 area and is the core of our administration, technical and financial activities ; our work is supported by a PC network of five (5) workstations, which are an integral part of our Technical Dept. and Financial Dept. Our activities are also assisted by several collaborating external associates, mainly engineers.
  • Last but not least, Ergodomiki SA maintains a support office in Athens, with full PC infrastructure, in order to cover the needs of the greater Athens area as well as hold meetings with clients and associates.